Friday, October 21, 2016

JCrew: two trends in one

Happy Friday Lovelies. I hope our week was great and we are excited for the weekend..:-) Fridays and weekends are for casual styles (at least most of the time) and my post for today is about this casual style I wore a while back. I call this Jcrew top "2 for 1" because it is a combination of two trends; plaid and off-the-shoulder top. The reviews on this top were not too great on the site when it was released because a lot of people felt it had no fit and ran too large. However, It did not deter me from buying the top but I waited until it went on sale and surprisingly it was sold out in my size. I ended up getting a top two sizes larger than I normally wear and I figured I could just give it out as a gift if it doesn't fit.

Lo and behold, the fit was not too bad after all and it paired nicely with my light wash denim pants. What I am really saying from this chit-chat is that; you have to make sure you read reviews of items if you are making purchases online. You have to be informed about a product or an outfit so that you know what exactly you are paying for. Aside from comments on the piece of clothing itself, make sure you also pay attention to any comments about customer service and return policy. I for one, would never shop at a store that does not have quality products/clothing and good customer service and I'll never promote such a store or service. JCrew is a great store and I love their clothes and customer service so far including this trendy, plaid, off the shoulder top.




                                       Top: JCrew / Denim: Loft / Pumps: Forever21 (old)



Have you ever had any negative experience shopping online or do you have a favorite online store where you shop? Do share your thoughts and comments.
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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Mixed Prints: Camo and Grid.

Hi Friends, happy Thursday. It's a mixed prints look on the blog today and frankly, this is a look I don't do much. And I know that when it comes to mixing of prints; it is usually a love or hate situation. Some ladies absolutely love it and they can mix any kind of prints while some ladies do not. However, a small number of ladies have mixed reaction to it and I would say that is where I belong. I love to see the trend on others when it is perfectly styled but I won't say I am really good at it. Lately, I have been trying my best to style them on Polyvore and you can see some of my mixed prints collage sets on HERE.

I saw this camo print skirt on an account I follow on Instagram and I immediately went on their website to check it out. The website sells mostly modest clothing apparel and I was surprised that they decided to throw in this fun, camo print skirt into their designs. If you want to check it out, click on the links below and please know that the skirts do run slightly small in size so, go one size up. You can take a look at another print mix I did on the blog HERE.




Blouse: (sold out) similar HERE / Skirt: HERE / Bag: old / Heels: HERE / similar HERE


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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Polka dots and Culottes

Happy Wednesday Friends; as always, I hope your week is going great. This post is on polka dots and culottes; an outfit I wore months ago. The two pieces of the outfit are from Loft stores but they are currently sold out and if you want similar items, you might want to look into the 50% off sale currently going on at Loft.
Polka dots prints are here to stay and so also is culottes. The pair I am wearing here seem a little too long and I am sure that is why it went on sale. I love the width though and I ended up buying it in two colors. I'll be styling the second pair sometime soon. As always, thanks a lot for stopping by here.

Culottes: (sold out) similar HERE / Blouse: (sold out) different color HERE / Pumps: Colin Stuart / Necklace: Victoriassecret


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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Fall Prints Dress

Happy Tuesday Friends; I hope our week is going great. The Fall season is going on beautifully at my end and I am enjoying it. I wore this pretty shirtdress to Church last Sunday and you can see why it is so appropriate for fall. The color of the prints screams Fall! Fall!! The dress came with its own belt which I took off and accessorized with a brown leather belt and block heels. If it looks like you have seen this dress before on here, it might be that you visited my Polyvore site HERE. If you interested in getting a dress with lovely fall prints like this one, you can check out the links below for different options within different budgets.


Dress: HERE different color HERE similar HERE  and HERE / Heels: HERE similar HERE

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Work Outfit Inspiration

Happy Monday Friends. Today's work wear post is all about style boards and outfit inspiration for work. The three outfits below all have colors and prints inspired by Fall and would make statements in any corporate work place. A good Fashionista knows how to transit her wardrobe from one season to the next without losing her style and confidence and if you are such a Fashionista; you might get inspiration from these outfits below.


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Friday, October 14, 2016

Green Leather Skirt and pumpkin Color Shirt

Hello friends, I hope we are enjoying this month thus far; October is my birth month so, I'm always super excited everyday in the month of October; yep! I'm so thankful to God for his love and protection on me. I wore this color-block look sometime in Spring and because it is flashback Friday in the social media world, I decided to share the look today. More so, the color in the outfit is a nod to the Fall season.

The green leather skirt; I have had for years and the button down long sleeved top was purchased last summer from Coldwatercreek. Somehow, I always thought this green leather skirt was difficult to style and aside from pairing it with the basic white and black colors, I never really thought of other ways of styling it until I did this pairing. There are so many other pairings I am looking forward to doing with this leather skirt now.



          Skirt: Ann taylor (old) / Top: Coldwatercreek / pumps: Colin Stuart (old) / Bag: Jessica Simpson

Do you have a clothing item in your closet that you feel is difficult to style? and what other ideas aside from the obvious black and white and polka dot and plaid pairing do you have for this leather skirt? Please, share...

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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Pink and Floral

 October is the month to wear pink if you do not like to wear pink at all because of the awareness it brings to breast cancer. This post is a nod to the month of October as  breast cancer awareness month and it features this pink pant suit I wore sometime last summer. I must say though that this pant suit are actually separates. I bought the blazer and the pants at different times and was so surprised when I realized later that the two pieces were a perfect match especially because I bought them online at different times without comparing colors or fabrics. I purchased the blazer from Ann Taylor and the pants from Jcrew a couple of summers ago.
I believe a lady should own at least one pair of pant suit in her closet and a neutral color pant suit is always the first choice then you can buy a pair in a bold color later if you choose. I usually wear my pant suit to church and then at other times, I just wear the individual pieces separately. 'throw the pink blazer over a white graphic tee and blue denim and you have a cool casual outfit. Gone are the days when pant suits were considered frumpy and too conservative because they are trending right now. Your thoughts?


Pantsuit: Similar HERE and  HERE / Pant Selections: HERE / Blazer Selections: HERE / Floral Pumps: HERE / Sweater: HERE


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Monday, October 10, 2016

Statement Bags for Work

For Work wear Monday today, it is all about the "Work bag" and this post mainly deals with that "dream closet;" that closet that has hundreds of shoes and hundreds of bags where you can pick whatever item you like for any day of the week. The dream closet where you have different shades of nude color shoes, bags and racks and racks of clothes to choose from. So, if you have that dream closet, then you apply these glamorous tips for looking chic at work with your work bags.


 Start the first day of work which is usually a Monday with a nude color statement bag. This might appear to be a contradiction but it is really not because it is easy to find statement bags in nude colors. What makes the bag stand out in this case, might be the size, design or some beautiful detail like the bags featured above.

2. Switch your bag out to a lighter shade of nude by Tuesday or a chic bag with a little bit of color or color blocking. This shows that you are aware it is still a new work week but you are ready to set the tone fashion wise.
3. Go hobo on Wednesday with a little bit of dramatic or intricate detail based on what your work environment allows. Wednesday is the middle of the work week and hobo bags are somewhat casual and somewhat corporate and by taking one with you to work on Wednesday, you are letting everyone know that the office/work fashionista absolutely knows what day it is. A larger sized bucket bag can also do for hump day.

4. Thursday should be for that smaller shoulder bag, messenger bag or bucket bag which is a little bit more casual but not quite. By Thursday, the work week is gradually winding down and everyone is ready for the weekend; if you do not work in a corporate work environment, your work outfit along with your bag ought to start singing; "Friday is right around the corner."

There is a reason a lot of jobs have casual Fridays and allow their employees to dress down or come to work in casuals on this special day and the Friday work bag should celebrate that. The little clutch, fancy messenger bag, saddle bag should happily go to work with the chic fashionista on Friday. Again, all these tips would only apply if we just have that dream closet; don't you think so?

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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Purple + Floral

Happy Thursday Friends; I'm serving a dose of florals for the Fall season in this outfit I wore to Church last Sunday. This outfit really got me excited for two reasons; one, "the skirt was pretty affordable; less than $20" and very good quality and two, "floral skirts can be super chic!" In the past, I remember that floral skirts were not always regarded as chic and elegant. When I was in college, knit skirts and fitted skirts were the trend and floral skirts were reserved for the "alleged nerds" and "super religious fanatics;" you know, those Christian sisters that would never wear jeans or any sort of pants...(I'm not throwing shade..:-))
I thank God that it is a lot different these days. Fashion has evolved to the point where ladies can choose to be confident and chic in any attire they choose to wear (modesty is the key).You can be a Christian lady and still look chic in florals without looking frumpy or matronly. So, this skirt totally works if you are looking for a great skirt for Fall. Also, if you have read most of my posts on here or are following my style boards on Polyvore, you might have seen this floral skirt before in one of my outfit collages. Check it out HERE. What are your thoughts on floral skirts? Do share...

Skirt: HERE / Top: (sold out) Target -blogged about HERE / Shoes: Colin Stuart (old) via Victorias Secret / Bracelet: JCrew


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