Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Color Story 3...

So, after looking through my family Album and my closet, I made a very major change and put some color back into my life and my closet. I am going to share with you bit by bit how I put everything together under a budget. Meanwhile, I will share some of the makeover pics with you.


This is me and my beautiful kids at the park. I am wearing a red dress I purchased from Metro Style on line. I also have the dress in black and I wore them a lot during my pregnancies. The fabric is durable and soft.  The green sandals are from DSW. I love the floral pattern on them. I do not have on any make-up and I am still carrying the baby weight around...:)

I usually like to wear curly weaves and wigs. I had dreadlocks for a couple of years but took it off when I was about to have my first child. I knew it was not going to be easy to take care of dreadlocks while trying to take care of the baby and the home at the same time..

I like this yellow dress I got from Chadwicks (online) and I topped off the outfit with neutral color heels from Colin Stuart/VictoriasSecret catalogue. I'm surprised at the amount of jewelry I had on here. I usually do not wear that much. I still find it hard to wear rings on my fingers. I usually take them off after an hour and that explains why I do not wear my wedding ring..My kids are decked out in colorful clothes too. I'm trying to spread the love for color around...:)

I'll share with you some pics from my wedding and I will give some DIY Wedding tips during the summer when weddings are in season...lol

 Put up my dreadlocks in a ponytail for the Ceremony..


 Let down my hair for the reception...
Can you tell my hair was in locks? It was nicely done and looked like braids. My hair stylist did a good job on my dreads...I miss it...:(


Friday, March 23, 2012

Color Story 2...

So, I started life loving colors and having fun. Then, married and three kids later, I looked around me and saw nothing but blacks and greys! I looked in my closet and everything was blah!..lol. "Dull and grey!" What could have happened? I wondered aloud. At this time in life, I was already wearing several hats.. a married woman, a mother, a student, and a career lady.....I was busy. My day was always so hectic because there was always one thing or the other to do.

Anyway, I don't want to digress from my story...I was flipping through the family album one evening trying to relax and instead of seeing colors, I started to see blacks and greys again and before I complete my story, I'll share my album with you and we'll talk about what happened.

Top and pants from Marshalls Store; Silver sandal from DSW

Me and my hubby

Hubby and I on a trip to Dallas, Texas. It was so hot! The weather, I mean..lol

One of the best times of my life again...lol

Dress from Metrostyle; Shoes from Newport News; Jewelry; Random

With my son..Shoes from VictoriasSecret Catalogue

With my son in the yard one cool evening...

Son and Mom

So are you following my color story? Do you see what I am getting at? Do not forget that I was just looking at my family album at this time and I was still wondering what was going on. Do you want to see more pictures?...lol

Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Color Story...

Like I said earlier in my post, I have always loved color right from when I was four and could draw and paint with color pencils and I want to share with you how color has been a part of my world. Growing up with a sister who looked exactly as me, (we were very identical though we were 14 months apart) my mum used to dress us up in similar outfits and she used to dress us up a lot too!

 I think she enjoyed the attention we got when we were out because people always thought we were twins. She gave us the freedom however of picking a different color of the same outfit if we so desired and I really developed a love for shopping and an appreciation for clothes at a very young age.  My mum also built in me the love of shoes because, she used to buy us shoes at every opportunity; Christmas, new-year, birthdays… and we had shoes of various designs even at such a young age; talk about sandals, pumps…lol

The joy and bliss of dressing up however came to a stall when we got into high school and became more obsessed with our academics. Everything then was more about grades rather than dressing up although we still dressed up whenever there was need to…church service, birthday parties…lol

Then, we got into college and everything just kind of went downhill from there for me regarding fashion. I studied a course that required a dress code right from college and I had to wear corporate attire all the time to class and had to be in specific colors; grey, navy-blue and black or pin-stripes!! How I hated it then…lol. I just had to comply because I really love my profession and choice of career. At that time, I still had fun with my casual clothes but I think my love for colors that started at a tender age, really dwindled at this time. Then, I left school and got married and here the story begins…

Do you really want to hear my color story? You will be surprised at the turn of events.



Sunday, March 11, 2012

My blue look..

I titled this blog post "My blue look" because this is the only blue dress I own presently. I bought it at Marshals a while back. I had gone into the store to check out some home goods and decided to take a look around the racks…:-). I do not remember if it was the color that attracted me or the sales sign but I ended up getting it anyway.

I piled on lots of make-up for this look and that is another thing I am not good at. I love make-up but I'm not so enthusiastic about the application. My frizzy wig is a story for another day…:-). Yeah, I do need a style makeover!

Thanks so much for stopping by


My black look...

Black dress accessorised with teal colors..

Black accessorised with white

I also would use colorful accessories to make a bold statement. For example when I wear black, I would accessorize with silver, gold or other fun colors. I would hardly wear all black. I think wearing all black is very safe and predictable and you can get lost in the crowd but when you play the look up with fun and colorful accessories, you will stand out in a good way in the crowd or an event. The purpose is not to call attention to yourself all the time but to show to people that you are different. You are unique and you are you!!

My Church looks...

This green dress is in one of my favorite colors and it's got flirty fun sleeves and I have a great pair of black shoes on to pull the look together. My accessories are very minimal and the look is totally fun...
Dress; Newport News, Shoes; DSW, jewelry; Random

Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Sneek Peek of My style...

     I call this look my semi corporate look because it's obvious. I do not have on a tailored shirt or blazer but just a simple tan A-line skirt with a fun brown off the shoulder blouse. This look can be worn to almost anywhere because it is "playing safe" for any occassion.

                                                                   Semi-Corporate Look

My semi corporate look

It was cold so, I had my tan leather jacket handy.
Blouse: T.J Maxx Stores
Skirt: Custom made
Shoes: Colin Stuart/ Victorias Secret

Casual Look

Casual Look.

This is a simple casual look. A short sleeve maroon color blouse on blue denim.
      Top: Macys
Denim: Fashion bug ; Sandals: DSW

Obviously needed some Sun-glasses


Evening Look

This is  my version of a little black dress. It is a blue sparkly dress with fringe at the bottom and I have a black jacket on hand for any change in weather. My shoes and purse are of bold pink colors but of slightly different shades so that they don't look too "matchy-matchy."
Dress: T.J Maxx; Purse: Jessica Simpson/ T.J. Maxx and shoes from Victoriassecret catalogue.

My evening look

Shopping Look

     This is  my shopping look. A simple hooded top on blue jeans and some flats and a big bag for all the needed must-haves for a busy day; a bottle of water, candy, fresh make-up, e.t.c..lol

Top: Random store
Jeans: Deb
Sandal: DSW
Bag: Random
Shopping gear..lol

Yeah, when you blog, you have to be with a camera at all times..lol

                                                                  Traditional Look

A colorful Ankara print dress with a yellow skarf and yellow pumps to match and a grey clutch. Ear-rings and the cock-tail ring are purple to match colors in fabric. Pardon my head-gear..lol. I am not so good at tying the African head-tie.

Traditional Look

Ankara dress: Random
Yellow Pumps: Random
Jewelry: Random
Clutch: Victoriassecret

Church Look

My church Look. Speaks for itself..
Dress: Newsport; Shoes: DSW
Jewelry: Random