Thursday, April 30, 2015

Again, "Stripes" says hi

It is stripes day again and this time, there is a dash of color with this red blazer which is also one of many reds. I just discovered recently that almost every blazer in my closet has a twin. In a way, it is good because then I do not have to wear out a particular blazer since I wear them a lot. It is time too to get all the pumps and sandals out of the closet. I wore socks for months due to the cold weather and it feels good to finally give my feet a break. I'm looking forward to some relaxing pedicures soon. Time to get ready for the summer.

I'm so glad that the situation in Baltimore is slowing getting under control. It is amazing to know too that churches and the Baltimore symphony orchestra got together to help in calming down so many nerves. The prayers and thoughts continue. And sometimes when we pray, we do not get answers to our prayers or the intended outcome we wanted but this does not mean that God is not God anymore. He is God no matter the situation. Prayers give us the faith, courage and strength to face and deal with any situation.

Blazer: thrifted
striped tee: Victorias secret
Pants: Ann Taylor
Shoes: BCBG Paris
Necklace: Express

That is the musing for the day. Now, I have to go and do the final editing to my quarterly summary post. Thanks so much for visiting. I wish you a great new month in advance.

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  1. stripes are always a fashion piece, love how you paired it, really cute!

  2. Cool look:) kiss


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