Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Work Wear: A dress and a scarf 1

With my summer closet cleaning way underway, I discovered lots of clothes, shoes and bags that I have not worn in a while and a lot more with the tags still attached to them and I decided to put this stash of clothing in a new rack labelled "Must-wear." This entire outfit head to toe is from that rack and I will be posting more of these oldies on the blog henceforth. 'Surprisingly, I was able to remember the stores where most of the items came from in order to put the link on the blog.

Also, I have decided to post better variety of styles on the blog and this "Work Wear" feature is where I'll put up posts on my personal style. I have said a lot of times on the blog that I am not a fashion stylist or fashion expert but just a mom with a fashion blog/writing as a hobby. So, I'll do my best to make the work wear (outfits) fun.

Dress: Talbots
Scarf: (old) Nordstrom
Bag & Jewelry (old)
Pumps: Agaci Shoes

A scarf and a dress is my favorite take on an outfit for work especially during the fall and winter months and I have quite a collection of scarfs; some of them are high end and some are from vintage or consignment stores but the important thing is that they do add color and interest to an outfit.
I hope our week is going great so far?

                                                              Thanks so much for stopping by

                                                                           Beauty Ojo


  1. You look stunning!


  2. I love your shoes! Kiss

  3. Beauty, you look so pretty in that gorgeous dress and I love the scarf and shoes. Enjoy this beautiful first day of Autumn... :)

  4. wow,you look amazing
    Love those shoes they are so beautiful

  5. Beautiful outfit. I love how you paired that scarf with your dress.


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