Monday, August 8, 2016

Cameo Print and Jeans

So, It's August; "happy new month of August friends. I feel like I am neglecting my blog this year but I'm glad I'm still able to put up a post every now and then; in other words, I am still here..:-). I have on another off the shoulder top today which I purchased recently from Romwe. It was under $20 and it is good to know that ladies can now buy quality items at affordable prices from so many online stores. However, we still need to exercise some caution when we shop online. It's better to do research about the merchant and also read reviews. I wish I know how to sew though, I heard the "off shoulder top" is pretty easy to make. Would you wear Camo prints? Your thoughts...

Top: Romwe / Jeans: (old) DIY) Sandals: old / Purse: Gifted


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Beauty Ojo


  1. nice jeans, well styled
    new post

  2. What a lovely top, Beauty:) You look so good in it!

  3. $20 sounds good to me. I love the top a lot.

  4. I Love the camo top on You and under $20 is a good price for tops these days. Now that you mention it, one of my goals this year was to dust off my sewing machine and 8 months have passed . . . oh well!

  5. This off the shoulder camo top is just fabulous Beauty! I am a huge fan of the camouflage print and I haven't seen a top like this one before.

    Glad you are still blogging.

    Enjoy a great day,

    xx Tamara Chloé

  6. Very chic look. I like camo. I have some sneakers and a button down shirt I got from the GAP in camo print. I think camo can work as a neutral and be paired with some many different things.

    Every time I see an overpriced shirt in a store I think about how great it would be to be able to sew. One day Beauty, one day. Take care :)


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