Thursday, November 10, 2016

Floral Circle Skirt

Some floral love on here today; I am sharing a quick look at this floral circle skirt I wore during the summer to a friend's baby shower; very simple and fun skirt in my opinion. I say all the time how amazing it is that floral skirts are so chic these days and they can be edgy too depending on how you style them. Floral skirts for the win! Like I said in my previous post, we are still enjoying gorgeous weather in my state of Minnesota so there is  no fall fashion on here at the moment. Have a beautiful rest of the week Friends.



Top: Target / Circle skirt: gifted / Shoes: Forever21




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  1. The colors and the florals are just Perfect on you. Enjoy!

  2. Thanks Neti. Purple is one of my favorite colors...:-)


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