Friday, December 30, 2016

Beauty Post

Happy Friday Friends; just a quick post on here  as I do some tiding and put some finishing touches on the blog. Yes, I am cleaning house on here too; deleted some drafts that never got revised and did some editing on those which I'm preparing for next year and this post here is one of such. My intention for the new year is to add some "beauty product review posts" on the blog every now and then; nothing major though because I do not have any expertise in this field. I'll only share any new product I'm interested in or intend to try.

Presently, I use beauty products from some of the brands pictured here; Mary Kay and Victorias Secret and I'm happy with them so far but willing to try some other products in the new year. So, do not be surprised when you see a post or two on beauty products in the coming year. What about you; do you clean house and do some editing in and around the house or on your blog before the new year?

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  1. Mary kay is a nice product
    This is so cool
    Happy holidays..
    Happy new year.


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